How can I get an appointment?

To book an appointment with a guest artist, please contact them directly.

To book an appointment with Tania Vaiana  click here to send her your request

How can I collaborate with ENIE Tattoo+Gallery?
If you’re an artist and want to collaborate with the studio please contact us here.

What should I do before my tattoo session?

Choose well the spot you’d like for your tattoo (e.g.  a tattoo on a women’s belly could change during pregnancy, or a tattoo on your back can prevent a future epidural anaesthesia).
Please come to your session well-rested, wear confortable clothes, and be sure to eat well and be hydrated enough before the session. A well hydrated skin is always appreciated.
It is recommended not to use drugs, drink alcohol, or take antiplatelet drugs such as aspirine, because the risk of bleeding can increase.

Information about COVID-19

You cannot submit to any session if:

You suffer from any of these symptoms: fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, general discomfort, sore throat, pneumonia, vomiting, diarrhea, myalgia, anosmia or even chilblain-like skin rashes, hives, etc.

You have become ill and no more than 14 days have elapsed from the last symptom.

Have been in close contact (less than 2 meters and more than 15 minutes) without protection with people with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19 and 14 days have not passed.

In the case of not being in any of the situations mentioned above, it is necessary to: 

Heed the indications of the professional of the establishment, her experience is very valuable to obtain quality results, both artistic and health guarantee.

Remember that you must maintain safety distances inside the establishment, wait to be told to enter and stay in the establishment for the time strictly necessary to receive the service.

Do not go to the studio with any companions.

Do not use the mobile phone during the application or disinfect previously.

Present yourself in the best hygienic conditions, with comfortable and clean clothes.

Protect yourself with a mask to come to the studio.

Avoid wearing pendants, jewelry, etc.

Fill out, sign and send by email the informed consent form provided by the establishment, attaching a copy of your ID or passport before going to the appointment.

For the moment, the displacements to the establishments may be made only within the municipality of residence, unless the service is not available there.

Before accessing the tattoo room it is necessary to:

Use the single-use protection provided at the establishment.

Disinfect your hands with a hydroalcoholic solution that will be provided at the entrance of the establishment.

Not use the mobile phone during the session or disinfect previously. 

Remember to take protective measures when you get home.

How should I take care of my tattoo?

Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tattoo. Cover your tattoo for at least two days and at most a week with transparent self-adhesive dressings. It is normal for liquid to accumulate. The self-adhesive film allows you to see if the skin is moist or soaked in the fluids that it absorbs. The maximum recommended use time is 3 days if this is not very loaded with liquid or secretions. To remove it, do it softly under the warm water of the shower. Wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap. In order to place a new dressing, the area is very clean, trying not to leave the edges of the area wet. Dry your tattoo carefully with disposable paper towels. Extend the skin well before placing the dressing to have a good adhesion of the adhesive. Avoid air bubbles.When you stop using the dressings, wash your tattoo minimum 2 times a day for 3-4 weeks. After each cleaning dry your tattoo always with disposable towels and moisturizes the skin with a subsequent treatment cream for tattoos.
Do not scratch the skin. If crusts appears, do not remove them.
Avoid non-specific cosmetics: creams, perfumes, babywipes, make-up, cleansing milk, petroleum jelly, etc.
Avoid exposure to the Sun and UV for the first month. Once healed use sun-block.
Until your tattoo is completely healed, avoid: swimming pool, beach, baths, sauna, hammam.
Do not wear tight clothes to cover your tattoo, better wear cotton clothes.